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  • Population: 563.734
  • Acreage: 1.016 km²
  • Altitude: 2 m

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Çanakkale, which was known as Hellespontos and Dardanel in ancient times, was founded in BC. It has been a residential area since 3000 years. Çanakkale, which has been an important settlement since the Early Bronze Age; Thanks to the Dardanelles, it is one of the two passage regions that provide the connection between Anatolia and Europe and between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Due to this feature, it has a very rich history. It has provided economic and military superiority to the communities living in the region, and they have surpassed their contemporaries in the field of civilization. However, this situation has made the region the target of various migration and invasion movements. There were people who came to the region to settle or plunder on different dates, and in both cases, certain cultural exchanges were intensified.